Welcome to the Roland MT-32, CM-500, LAPC-I, CM-32L & SC-880 Lossless Archive!

You will find here lossless recordings of old PC video games recorded with actual Roland MT-32, CM-500, LAPC-I, CM-32L & SC-880 hardware.
The archive features now about 200 games! If you enjoy the site, if you have requests or want to contribute your own recordings, let us know!

Latest news:

  • 17/04/2018
    Updated Betrayal at Krondor: some adjustments were made and screen captures were added. If you got the soundtrack previously, please download it again.
  • 24/02/2018
    Thanks to the very hard work by Zoldalma and mikasa, Betrayal at Krondor is now complete!
    Removed Alien Breed after the receipt of a copyright infringement notice.

  • 05/04/2017
    Thanks to Barbarian_bros, added KGB, The Settlers II, Theme Hospital and Utopia and updated Gods (now complete).
    Changed the email as the old one was apparently not working. If you ever sent us a message in the last year or so, please write again.
  • 22/06/2016
    Thanks to mikasa, added CM-32L and SC-880 recordings of The Incredible Machine 2
  • 25/02/2016
    Thanks to mikasa, updated Heart of China

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DISCLAIMER: the purpose of this website is solely to preserve the music of old video games, music that might be forgotten and lost otherwise. All the music is copyrighted, remains the property of their authors and will be removed as soon as possible at their request.